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I am sure I did not cover the basis on everything in the earlier email – if you could not open the PDF attachment, it is copied below.

To be more succinct (& direct), the texts appear to be going awry with who is doing what and this is not a happy or acceptable course. We need a “reading” of the will & trust, and we can do this in person and conference call. We can have a call tonight – what time, no more delay. In all candor, end the posturing – nobody was born yesterday.

1) When are we to have a copy of the will and trust – is it new or was it incomplete reverting to the last recorded files?
2) When is the service in Redondo and will the remains be traveling back with me for Notre Dame or do they have to be mailed?
3) Do we agree on placing all heir items – furniture, collectibles, art and coins – into storage. We can do this while I am in town.
4) The home is to be placed on the market “immediately” – add 2-3 weeks after the home is empty to restore to new –
a) Cindy, you and family will need to get a game plan in place to move – your boys can help, or I can
b) We need to order a trash bin – stuff goes to storage or in trash
c) We need to reserve a small moving van and buy bankers bins for collectibles and coins
d) We need to reserve the storage facility for 90-120 days
5) I intend to assist Alan in contracting the painter when I am there.
6) Will the Jack or Jerry be filing for the insurance to be release and deposited into the trust account.
7) Can anyone or everyone please have ideas for disposition for selling estate items – referrals, Google, etc.

Let’s shore up the date for the service so I can buy my tickets, Danny can work around the horse show and we can request help from friends for moving stuff into storage. I have zero tolerance for arguing over dad’s death. Lets check our hearts. We all have things to do and are responsible to each other in these tasks. EVERYTHING will be accounted for as dad wished. So everybody do your job and if you need help, ask for help.

We can skype or I can send a conference call number. 7:30PM Pacific for 20 minutes?

*** via mobile device – Please excuse Type-o’s ***

Coming Together –

It’s been a long time since we have been together as a family, and it was very comforting to see everyone here. I am sure it gave dad a lot of peace knowing that we were together and will honor his wishes. It should be clear and amiable from here. As a matter of discussion, I understand that the final trust &/or will was not in order at the time of Tom’s very tardy visit. However, there are 4 people outside of our family involved with remaining information and direction of the estate:
1) Tom Creehan – legal documents of Will & Trust
2) Jack Girardi – Executor of estate
3) Gary Kos – Co-executor
4) Jerry Walters – Accountant

A. Reading & Accounting
Once it is clear what is in the trust and will, we should have an account established for the trust to transfer and manage for costs and proceeds. We have expenses to manage and income from saleable items that will require Jerry’s services for accounting. Current bank funds transferred and insurance payout to be deposited into the trust, other accounts & credit cards closed.

B. Memorial and resting
While dad’s remains are being procured as noted to be 7-10 days, there is discussion of both a local memorial service at St Laurence and his ND service. Danny is out of town until 4/23 and I will need to make travel arrangements for LA sooner than later.

C. Estate Items
Dad has a list of furniture & art that he directed to stay in the family. This was also the topic of inappropriately named “bidding” – that the value of an item be fairly deducted from the division. However, if not our tastes some or many items will need to be sold. There is also an abundance of coins, collectables and signed memorabilia/art. These present a challenge that can only be resolved by complete inventory, review and agreement. While dad wanted the coins brought to a safe deposit box, that option is difficult or impossible. I looked into secure indoor storage and suggest we obtain an indoor secure storage facility – Life Storage on 190th has 24 security, cameras and indoor climate controlled space. In doing so, we can inventory everything as we load the boxes and truck and have an accounting of items be sold housed there.

D. Sale of Residence
I met with dad and discussed my opinion of the home, repair needs and his choice for realtor. He asked that “we” don’t personally do the work in order to sell the property as quickly as possible. He asked that Alan manage preparation and painter, and me to manage the sale. Having spoke with that agent, reviewed the condition/needs to optimize return and circled around a bit on options I think we can have the home updated, cleaned and ready for market in 2 weeks, barring unforeseen repairs. Paint entire home, pressure wash decks / garage, any repairs, etc. We can list with his agent of choice at 5%, list MLS only for a flat fee plus 2% or try FSBO with attorney review.
NOTE: This timeframe requires allowance a for Cindy’s move to be determined.
NOTE 2: I am opposed to FSBO, and may be open to flat fee MLS however I don’t believe it is the best idea. As far as the agent choice, there are others available however Alison Clay-Duboff was dad’s choice so please tread lightly on this discussion.

E. Remaining Items
Some personal affects were directed by dad or perhaps may have been assigned in his will or trust. Distribution from the trust account and final close-out some time in the future will be directed by executor and executed by accountant. Other items to be determined as necessary

As we discussed, there are 5 of us and we should all agree. In any case, there can be no direction with less than 3 of us to keep it clear, simple and fair. Let’s make dad proud and happy in heaven.

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