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Local Matters: Location Livingston

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When we go looking for real estate, what are we looking for first and above all…LOCATION! Where to live is and always has been the most import financial and social decision most will ever make. It is Home.

Local Matters!

Since the beginning of time, location has always been the #1 concern for all real estate. Proximity to schools and services, distance to land fills, industrial facilities or train tracks. Access to expressways and traffic trends, etc… Neighboring communities and adjacent property value trends. Up and coming neighbors and sought after locales. Location matters! And Livingston County is suddenly popular outside of Livingston County – as agents all over Wayne and Oakland find themselves dealing with clients who wish to move here to our community.
Who You Gonna Call?
Our home is a foundation for our families, and it is the largest investment in our well-being we will ever make – financial, social, educational, etc. Buying and selling our home is NOT a favor to a friend or family member. It is not about where we are going when selling, or where we have been when buying. And, it is not about the advertising agent and teams from a metro 35+ miles away. Be it renting or owning, where we live is top priority In fact, real estate is our family’s most important business. – be or bad it is our largest investment and requires local expertise to make the most of it. Buying or selling, it is a local decision. When the time comes, call a local professional.
What Do Wayne, Washtenaw, Genesee County & Other Agents ALL Have in Common?
Livingston is NOT home. Contrary to the advertising of some Realtors, the agent you chose has everything to do with not only their experience in the buying and selling of local real estate, but their direct involvement in the community as well. Where we shop, where we eat, where our kids go to school, where we volunteer and most importantly where we call home are all factors that help make your local real estate professional an asset to your home decisions. These out-of area agents buy leads for Livingston county from websites like Zillow, Trulia, and others because they don’t have the local network that we Livingston County resident professionals have. Out of area agents buy leads because they have to, while local agents are in the business of buying and selling homes. In short, “leads” are a numbers game.
What the Out-of-Area Agent Doesn’t Tell You…
Out of area agents don’t SELL their listings. They are simply listing mongers. What’s worse is out of area listing agents typically get LESS for your home than a local professional would list and sell your home for. Livingston agents are the selling professionals that represent buyers and sellers that buy the listings. Local agents have a local network that includes their sphere of influence, their friends and neighbors, the parents at school & sports, their office agents and past local clients. They also have something that no out of area agent has… the familiarity & respect of co-operative agents throughout the area – working with other agents that know and like working with them. This is a fact that few consider when they call the out of area agent.
What Else They Don’t Tell You…
The FACT of real estate is that homes compete with other homes, not agents. Buyers out looking at homes are comparing homes in their desired price range in particular target locations. Home buyers find homes online and through their agent, they don’t seek out a particular home or area because of the radio, billboard or sign in the yard. Marketing a home properly against other homes in order to compete for buyers is a local matter for a local listing professional. Chances are very good that the local professional will market a home better than others to attract more visits and sell sooner for more money. And the data does not lie…
Example of Real Numbers from One Big Out of Area Agent Team:
2015 YTD List $ Sell $ % to List
Jan-15 $199,450 $114,500 57.41%
Feb-15 $146,000 $136,500 93.49%
Mar-15 $215,000 $160,450 74.63%
Apr-15 $196,000 $187,500 95.66%
May-15 $209,900 $169,950 80.97%
These miserable results are the actual stats for this big advertising team out of Livonia and include sales for Brighton, Howell, Green Oak, Genoa, Pinckney, Lyon Twp, Milford, Hartland, Highland, Fenton, Hamburg, Fowlerville, Iosco, Gregory, Whitmore Lake, and surrounding areas. Based on the results it doesn’t appear that the radio, billboard and TV will make YOU more money. To this particular agent team, it is a listings numbers game…and the home sellers loose big time!
Local, full-time Livingston Realtors are members of the Livingston County Association of Realtors (LCAR). Local LCAR agents typically know more and care more about Livingston real estate and our community than others, and will help you sell and find the best home for your family. When Thinking Livingston County real estate, the choice of Realtors is easy – Choose Local Professionals.
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